2014/2015 Tribal Council


President, Wally Miller
Phone: (715) 793-4111
Email: wally miller

Vice-President, Gregory Miller
Phone: (715) 793-4859
Email: greg miller

Treasurer, Terrie Terrio
Phone: (715) 793-4117
Email: terrie terrio

Council Member, JoAnn Schedler
Phone: (715) 793-4117
Email: joann schedler

JoAnn's Bio

Council Member, Joe Miller
Phone: (715) 793-4080
Email: joe miller
Joe's Bio

Council Member, Shannon Holsey
Phone: (715) 793-4090
Email: shannon holsey

Council Member, Jeremy Mohawk
Phone: (715) 793-4117
Email: jeremy mohawk


Any questions concerning our Tribal Council or persons wishing to contact a Councilperson, please feel free to contact: Jerilyn Johnson, Tribal Secretary at (715) 793-4387or email us at jerilyn.johnson@mohican-nsn.gov